Black Chicks and Cocktails

Let’s Dance

Distinguished Professor Larissa Berendht, Professor Nareen Young and Associate Professor Pauline Clague took the stage in red shoes discussing the times and the effect of David Bowie’s 1983 hit “Let’s Dance”. 
Joined by the women was the cocktail mixologist and designer Emeritus Professor Michael Lavarch.
The theatre was a packed audience who were transported back to the 1980’s in a fun filled lecture/discussion about the times, with a few cocktails and a dance session thrown in at the end of the discussion.
During Black Chics and Cocktails they discussed representations of Aboriginal people in popular culture by overseas artists, the factors that drove Bowie to be vocal during that time, the life of growing up with the spotlight on our people through music and the political impact of the arts in this country, all while sipping on master mixologist Michael’s creation “Michael’s Golden Years”
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The Team shared the cocktails with the audience and a little cocktail card of the recipe. At the end of the night they played out and got the audience up from their seats to dance to “Let’s Dance”.
The team at Jumbunna ended the night with a bang, bringing the packed house to their feet as the classic dance number reverberated through the halls of the MCA, it was a fun and engaging night that created a great atmosphere that we hope would have made Bowie proud.