Celebrating NAIDOC Week along Broadway. The Banners run from Central to Wattle Street and show images of women and work that has made an impact in our community. Dstingusihed Professor Larissa Behrendt in Law, Aunty Joan Tranter in Education and Alison Bush in Nursing.

This years theme is Because of Her, We Can. Jumbunna IIER, Research arm has developed some banners that are flying from Central Station to Wattle Street, along the UTS curve, showing three women and their career paths that show the importance of the Education of our women.

Alison Bush, like many Indigenous women worked as a nurse and midwife. The pathway she and many in the field of health is a testament to the women that have helped to define the health system into a positive structure for our women.

Alison Bush ‘I only do my job and try to help people to understand each other.’

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“Aunty Joan” Tranter is our elder in residence at Jumbunna and has been a educator for over 30 years. Her influence at UTS has been extensive, working in Equal Opportunity and Employment and a valued part of the education system in UTS, she has also been a mentor and guiding support for the new students coming into UTS.

Distinguished Professor Larissa Behrendt is a Barrister, Law Professor, Chair of Research for UTS, filmmaker, advisor. She leds by example in the Research department, working to impact the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to strengthen their voice through legal means, education, research and media. She has been a exemplary leader of the work that is done in Post Grad studies and research here at UTS.


The Artist: Tony Thorne is a Palawa man from Tasmania. An animator, visual artist, who has recently created an animation series “Little J, Big Cuz” for NITV which won a Logie for best Children’s television. Pauline and Tony have worked together in communities training animation to Lino print artists to show how to animate their artwork.

The concept was a take on the Rosie the Riverter woman, showing the power of the women to stand up for their mob as well as make a mark in our community through their commitment to helping others thrive.

The banners will be along Broadway from the 2nd July to the 17th of July this year.