Late in September was the Critical Criminology Conference held at UNSW. This year the Conference asked Jumbunna Research to speak as the Opening Plenary session to talk to the topic of  “Indigenous Research, Activism, Advocacy”

MC’d: by Professor Cunneen with Pauline Clague, Paddy Gibson, Craig Longman and Dr Alison Vivian,  who talked about projects that are a part of the Research teams work and how we utilise the differing skill base of the team to assist community in delivering on research, and other tools such as utilising new media, artwork or community rallies to support and place some fundamental voice and research around areas of law, in relation to criminology. The Research team opened the conference by putting the installation piece “Sorry for Your Loss….” in the UNSW law school for participants to be engaged in, one of the works that is feed by the research and showing first hand how these works impact community voices by cutting through the noise.

By not just utilising research in writings, but utilising film, media, art, panels and protests to allow people to hear the message of the research and why it is important for the story to be told in various ways.

Prof. Chris Cunneen introducing the Jumbunna Research Team

The group covered Three main research areas that Jumbunna Research has worked with Communities on, the Bowraville Murders and the work of the research for the case, strategic litigation support, panels and discussions around the law, the documentary “Innocence Betrayed” and assisting when needed to inform people of rallies for the families. Secondly the incarceration rates and increase in women Death in Custody since RCAIDIC Report of 1991, the articles written by staff, the support of families by helping to write and get information to media outlets and the artwork and community support through “Sorry For Your Loss”. and Lastly the work around Nation Building. The outcome of being a Unit that engages in helping to put the messaging out for community to utilise in various ways allows the research to give impact and voice to topics that need to be discussed and improved upon is a part of the changing face of how universities see and utilise research.

Dr Alison Vivian and Craig Longman


“To Jumbunna thanks for your session today – it was terrific. People have been talking about it ever since and said what a fantastic panel it was – inspiring and setting a great tone for the conference. Feedback about the exhibition has also been fantastic. ”                                                                          By organiser Julie Stubbs


The team showed a short opening video to show the many facets of the team and our research, it is just a small glimpse of the work done by the research team at Jumbunna.