Indigenous Top Leaders Panel – Create NSW and Vivid

by Pauline Clague


“We need to delete the word primitivism from our vocabulary” – Brook Andrew First Nations Top Job talk

Championing First Nations Leadership Roles 

There is an ever-increasing understanding that Australia’s First Nations cultural and creative expressions have a real value to both the broader Australian society and to international visitors. But what does that value mean and what does it really look like?

“How do we do this two-way learning? How is the State modifying the education system to be more ‘indigenified’?” Wesley Enoch

To answer this, we need to be prepared to follow the leadership offered by our First Nations communities, so we can answer critical questions within this cultural narrative such as:

  • What does it mean to be part of the continuum of the world’s longest living cultures?
  • How does this shape perspectives through connections of country, culture and community?
  • How do these unique world views, that a grounded so deeply and strongly in this country, challenge the need to reset Australia’s consciousness around its identity and cultural values?

“We talk about how western people see leadership, well, leadership for our people is responsibility. From mapping, archiving, the stories, dance, to culture, to history from old country and the new world.” Rhoda Roberts. – at Museum of Contemporary Art

Create NSW’s Peter White facilitated the conversation with Pauline Clague, Rhoda Roberts, Brook Andrew and Wesley Enoch that explored these issues and trying to offer new approaches and insights on the true value of Aboriginal culture and arts in this country.

“Indigenous people think in a non-linear way, we don’t pigeonhole screen and arts.” Pauline Clague – at Museum of Contemporary Art
Even though I was on the panel I enjoyed hearing the views of mentors and peers that have been the leading force behind our arts community and shaping how we can work together to bridge the gap of understanding by utilising arts with respect and nurturing the emerging voices coming up.